A dog's life

Finally, we came to the north, about the other side of my territory. Where we should live, and it also lives a DOG there. Not that it means so much to me, just as long he don't messes in my fur. But Kasper, on the other hand, has demonstrated more clearly, with little growl and showed his little teeths, that he does not like dogs. So that's going to be good training for him to live with a dog for a whole week.

Not surprisingly Kasper thought that the challenge was almost a little too much and would prefer to hide. Even then, he only reluctantly, even though he tried to take the claws in the floor coverings and looked with his evil eyes. But mom took him from some furniture in the room furthest away from the dog. The day kept going even when Kasper don't like the dog was also in our pack now, but that he only needed to learn. So we were all lucky, the youngsters in each of their cage, as I throned on the roof with full control, on my way out into the woods.

With Kasper safely placed on mom’s shoulder, he had enough to hold on. And his growling can not overpower mom's breathing. No hiding places, other than the moms ears, who were too little fortunate. Otherwise he would have been hiding if he had only opportunity. Funny picture i had made in my head, mom with his tail coming out the ear. But I and the dog walked together on the trail, and I had a couple of lightning courses in sniffing of cat scents. The dog only sniffed in the way without purpose and meaning, what dogs is sniffing is actually completely indifferent to me, here are the cat and mouses smells that applys. And a couple of times the dog tried to smell my butt, do dogs really think I'm pooping cookies?

And the toilet procedures to the dogs are not much to talk about, a splash here and a splash there. Is not it hard to small it along the trail, I think the dogs simply have a mini bladder that leaks constantly. Dog owners should also carry their own buckets, not just poop bags. In some places, the whole trail smells like a toilet, and the dogs are nevertheless very unwell, they just sit down on the path and push in way, in the middle of the path. One really has to keep in mind not to walke in the middle of the cake, it will be a real catastrophe. Can not be so hard to hide in a bush, if they have to do it, just like me. By the way, no one sees me at the toilet, not even those who pass by, they wonder why mom is hiding behind a bush, far off the path. No one sees me, and mom just acts like nothing. But fortunately, this dog does not have such common dog procedures, because he's so busy with me that he has forgotten to go to the toilet

Kasper lay thrown inside moms back pack, and looked down on the path carefully. I think I convinced him that it would be going good to be with the dog, and it did not make any noise or unbehaved jumping. It is both kind and calm, just a bit curious, at least as curious as Kasper himself.

All trips have a break, also this trip. Even with a slight windshift with a dog smell right in the nose of Kasper, it was a going good to sit together. With me sitting in the middle and looking after them both. Tiger Control! A strict look at the right and my paw to the left, and they sat as silent as a dead mouse.

Kasper became much brave and didn't hid so much more for the dog when we were home after the trip. Just jumped up on the climbing thing if it became a little scary. Or up in the furniture because there are only we cats that are allowed to sit but not squeeze the claws. From there Kasper could sit and study the dog who sniffed around the floor after Kasper, very pleased. And the dog used every opportunity for butt sniff when Kasper did not follow.

And we were on several trips, then there was so much to keep in mind that Kasper almost forgot that the dog was with us, so lots of new things to look and sniff. New experiences and impressions, so the dog was completely forgotten. But it was not just Kasper who forgot something, also the dog forgot something. To step in my tail, he only did once, and i told him with both of my paws that was not allowed.

We were on a long hike, and then Kasper really started to gain self-esteem, and in the cabin he found out that he could almost scare the dog when he was really staring on him. Not all dogs are as careful as this dog, but I understand he didn’t feel safe when Caps came walking right across the living room, with specific paws and sharp tiger eyes. But then, mom moved Kasper, he also had to learn that he should be a little nice with the dog. Then they got to sit close to each other to get some cookies and have a nice time together.


I gave him only strictly tiger look when the dog was trying to steal my food, because he was a proper cat food thief, eating the food like a vacuum cleaner.

And the dog was watching good when we both got our food served, the nose almost inside our bowl, a champion in begging he was.

But Kasper took revenge, ate the dog's food as well, while the dog was right behind with the world's longest nose, looking that piece for piece of his dinner was disappearing.

And Kasper always checked everything that the dog ate, maybe it was something he could eat too. But pigs ears and bones was only for the dog. Not as much as a single mouse to eat.

When we did not sleep, there was play and sweets, Kasper became more brave. I can not play with such dogs, but both Kasper and the dog wanted more and more to sniff on each other. But since they do not understand each other's body language and are somewhat uncertain of each other, they never came so far this time. The dog is happy with his tail and Kasper misunderstands, not surprisingly because that means the opposite in cat language. And it was clear how "jealous" Kasper is on the attention, the two-legged had to share sweets and food in equal parts.

dog was a success for Kasper. A couple more days and they would have been better at understanding each other's body language and trusting each other. It was probably Kasper's insecurity that did that they did not get farther this time, but it seems that the dog was kind enough to let two cats occupy his house for a week. Kasper is not afraid anymore, but eventually he was curious about the dog, only making only small growls when the dog came a little too close. Perhaps another time they may become even better friends.



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