Back to normal days

It’s always nice somewhere else, but it’s also good to be home, and hunt some mouses. All the mouse's is now so lazy after no one been hunting them for one week, it's like going into the woods and pick berries. I have sorted all the steaks all over the garden, because i heard the mouse-meat grinder was coming out of the garage today. It eats all the mouses and it come out finished chopped with the grass, so it will be a kind of mousse with salad. Really fun to look at, i think this one is related to the one inside who also eat all the play mouses. I lost count for a long time ago how many mouses that one have been eating.

And Kasper was locked inside so he didn’t meet the meat grinder, but he was able to get outside one way or another, i don’t know how. Around a corner he met the meat grinder, he jumped around a run as quick he ever have, he probably thought he had to save what was possible to save. There mom was standing totally sure she locked Kasper inside, but we all could see that it was not right. Now it was not find Jesper, but find Kasper in a good half an hour. Because he is really good to hide on the best places. As the good hunter i’am a looked a round and quickly localized Kasper, who was tired of hiding, so he was sleeping instead. We just let him sleep, he would probably come back when he was finished with resting.

After a successful holiday-flat tire was we now going to fix, and Kasper was coming to help. He thought it was really interesting because they had a real climbing wall for cats, but as the good cat he is he was only sitting and waiting nicely on his chair till the car was fixed.

And because he was doing so good we did go on a small trip into the woods before we go home again. I think Kasper felt a little like an adult-cat today, i’m going to make sure to do something about that.

When he got home I also brought him with me to the Tigerwoods, then he could run a little and claim some, i don’t think mom have done that with him. Now there is a lot of grass and leaves, and a lot of hiding places. but it’s never to difficult to find each other, so we go a little around, and claim high in the trees. Also there is a lot of animals in the woods now, small and big, a lot of sounds and smells, really exciting time here now. So if we are saying that we are going to be quick, it’s always taking a couple of hours.

Kaper have a lot of hair that you know, and when he is playing in the high grass, he sometimes have problems when he goes to the toilet, so the the hairdresser came today, because mom have had enough of washing.

I was looking on from the kitchen, and didn't believe for one second that he was going to lay still enough so they were able to klipp him.

Before Kasper knew it he was laying on his back and his big pans was going to become shorts, almost. Because now it’s summer, not winter.

Mission was completed after some time, but not voluntary. After trying everything possible to avoid it, it was done. And Kasper was not happy about the shorts, he meant that he was going to become cold and could get sick, and he is going to be bullied by the other cats. He got some cookies, and mom promised that he would not get cold or sick, and i had to promise not to say anything about the shorts, and i did that with a blink in my eye. Then Kasper was already much better, and more happy about the shorts.

A fishing trip we also had. I was laying in my basket, and Kasper was hanging in the back seat, he was probably looking on all the sheeps on the mountain.

Whole evening with fishing, food and relaxing for all of us.

We also got one fish, it was supposed to be mine. But on the time the fish came up from the water it made a lot of sound, and Kasper came out of his tent and took it, and didn't share any of it with me.


The way home, one sleeping and the other looking after his fur.

Kasper finds everything outside and bring it home to mom. He thinks she gets really happy because she screams so high, but it’s the opposite then happy… I tried to tell Kasper that but he don’t believe me. He is just really proud of what he caught.

Now there is also really a lot of flowers outside, in there is it a lot of things happening. Is busy as christmas shopping inside a shopping center. If you have time and it’s possible you should try it, i recommend it!