Days in Netherland part 1

Everyone have forgotten to tell Kapser what vacation is, because he is always awake at 05:25 like allways. it doesn't matter if it's monday or saturday, always awake at 05:25, for sure the best alarm in the world. And if he is awake he will do his best to make sure everyone else also awake. I always try to hide myself under my pillow, but normally mom have to get out of bed with kasper.

i’ve on the other side know it's vacation, and i'm together with my herd and try to relax as much as possible.

We have also told mom our disappointed about not bringing our scratch post with us. So after Kasper have scratched mom's legs a couple times, then our first thing do was going to a shop to buy one. When we finally came to the shop and was going to chose which one we wanted, the choices was only between really small scratch post, not like we wanted. A really tall one, with a lot of sleeping places, not only a small thin post.

We also been on a couple of trips on different trails and with a leak. Also Kasper is really happy, not any uphill, but anyway it's warm enough for him because of all the hair.

We also had basic course in sniffing, because here it's only new smells, and it's taking time to get used to.


The ground in the woods here is also really soft, because it's full of leaves. And all the mouse's thought they could hide under the leaves, but not when two hunters from Norway visits, so we were able to catch a couple mouses too.

With the leak it was birds in all sizes and colors. along the sides it's was really tall grass, so we could hide in and sneak against the birds. Kasper is not nearly as good as me, so the birds quickly discovered us.



On the way back Kasper was sitting on the shoulder to mom, but only till he saw the car, the he was going the front, i think he had enough hunting for one day. On the way home we stop on the shop to buy food, because we were all very hungry, but Kasper was not finding cookies between all the food items. Did mom really not buy any cat cookies?

I also look when big buddy was jumping again, that's a really long time since i did last. Kasper thought it was really scary, he was going straight on his back, when he saw big buddy in the stable, almost like he passed out. I maybe forgot to tell him big buddy is a lot bigger than the small buddy's we have at home… but mom was holding kasper the whole time som he was learning that big buddy is not scary, only really big. Kasper probably thought he was standing face to face with Tyrannosaurus rex.


I did show Kasper all the stuff big buddy and I would do “back in the days”, when i was as big as Kasper is now.


I tried to show Kasper other horses on a distance, but he doesn't dare to look on them even. Don't think he should try to work as a groom on a stable when he gets old enough

This night i’ve and Kasper stole the cookie bag, and it all ended with a big bang. We accidently made things fall down from the closet and made a big bang, and it made everyone in the house awake, not exactly what you want when you steal candy in the middle of the night. But we can say we got our punishment when we did go to the toilet later....


Because Kasper still a little afraid from big buddy, he gets his own trips outside. They always go to the cornfield, with all the rabbits. Even if the rabbits is much too quick for Kasper and he only sees their back running into the field. He likes to go and look around and sniff their smell.


Then i can have big buddy all for myself.