Hip hooray, yess!!

I’m becoming a big brother, cousin, uncle, nephew, half brother, grandfather, I don't’ know what it’s called but my small buddy is having a foal next year, that going to be really exciting.
One of my small buddy’s have been having a summer flirt with a stallion, and Kasper have been sent on a mission to spy some on them.

Now i’m and Kasper is going to get her home, and everything is done, and now we need to wait till next year.

You remember to give her carrot mom?

On the way home we did go to the vet to see if there were a mini buddy.

On the screen, there is mini buddy.
The way from the vet was it standing some small who she tried to talk to, and showed big interest in, and next year she will have her own foal.

Finally home to meet the two other. They were already standing by the gate and waiting when we came. on the time she was going away, the two others were standing and screaming after her, so the fur sure miss her.

finally all together again. And we are going to meet our mini buddy 22 june 2018 have mom told us, so we still need to wait long.