The holiday is over

So strange, i’m going to have my first vacation, and then it’s finally here, and it’s over before it started almost. One thing is for sure i’m going to enjoy it as much i can, and the best i have my whole pack with me and we are almost only relaxing. The home trip was delayed one day, and maybe because we're on a car vacation we also needed to get a flat tire, so than i have one more day to relax. Actually puuurfect for me, fully charged and ready for the trip home.

Looking on the rabbits one last time.

On the day of going back, who do you think who is sleeping? After waking everyone up at 05:30 for a whole week, now he is sleeping. The morning cat Kasper!

Kasper didn't want to go home either, so sleepy was he. He even tried to convince mom to have a longer vacation, because he enjoyed it so much to stay with my best friend. Also he did go as far to say it was his best friend also, because he did share cookies, i don’t think so!

But best friend have two arms, so he could pet both of us, so he can be his best friend too, but not to much! Mom then told him he needed also to come back home to do his work as warehouse-assistant, and there is a lot of people waiting for their items, so we need to go home and send them all.

Luckily we brought with us all the nice weather, but not the heat, that we are pleased with.

Stopping a lot because the car is always hungry. Kasper always waiting to see if mom bring out a mouse-hotdog from the gas station, but i’m only taking a safety check from it.

As soon as the car is starting, Kasper is going back to sleep and is sleeping km after km after km. Then I can go into my secret room, without him discover me. It actually really annoying to be on the toilet and he comes inside with his head to see what i’m doing. Nonsense-kat(norwegian word, bad translate) what you think i’m doing. Then i can only give him some angry looks, and do some milling, and take my paw after him.

Kasper kept sleeping, through the boarding control into Denmark, where i actually have a lot of followers. And because it's not allowed to take picture there i only have one of kaper sleeping, still! He didn’t move a muscle, the woman that work there said he was the most relaxed cat she ever have seen, and mom agreed so we had to move a little on Kasper to see if he was still alive.

Malmø and sweden, too all of you in a surprise Kasper is actually awake now, ha have been sleeping a whole day, 12 hours in row, and he woke up to a smell of hot dog, and bad weather, You should've seen his face, he was totally in own mouse hunting world i think.

He look like someone coming out from winter hibernation on a sunny spring day, with yawning and grunting sounds, and all his hair standing all ways.

So to stretch his paws after laying sleeping the last 12 hours in all position possible, he had to walk a little around on the gas station.

luckily it where a roof there, the only place it didn't rain!

We kept going north, until the police stopped us. He was standing in the middle of the way, with police light, and a flashlight and stopped all the traffic.

Mom thought it had been an accident, but the policeman, i didn't understand him, but mom did, he said it was cows in the road, cows!

Think if he said if they had to catch a whole pack of mouses, and i’m a real hunting cat, with night vision. That would be dreamwork, than i had caught every swedish mouse on all the roads in sweden, under strict police inspection, and the roads would been clost so i could work undisturbed.Next day in the news it would be standing - Norwegian housecat saved swedish police with efficient wild mouse hunting on the highway, deep in the swedish woods this night, for sure!

But no it was cows, really boring. A Whole hour we had to wait while they tried to move som swedish wild cows. The same hour I was sitting in the front seat and looked on the cows and dreaming me away. Mjau, mjau how boring it is.

Also mom was sleeping now, the policeman was going to make her wake when the cows where gone from the highway. And i promised i would not do like Kasper and make her awake.

And we have the best alarm in the whole world in the backseat, Kasper. but he was still sleeping. It was only me, looking out of the window, and dreaming me away into the thoughts of dream world of mouse hunting.

The trip kept going and closer we came to Norway, more light it would be outside. Early Tuesday morning we were by the custom into Norway. And all the cars had to stop, and we also becaus we have been far away from sweden. Mom had to drive to the red light, and into the custom.

While mom made Kasper awake again, and fixed all his hair again so that it would be nice before anyone saw him.
I even left a small urine sample, so if there need to check anything it would be possible, then passport chip and vaccines was checked.

He asked about everything, and i told him i have been on mouse hunting and rabbit safari, but promoist i didn't bring anything of that with me home.

All the papirs were good, but that I already know from last trip into the custom, and i was allowed to come back to Norway.

Home to my friends and my Tigerwood and real norwegian wild mouse. I only needed to count a couple more km till we arrived to my territory, we only needed to stop one last time to get something to eat and drink. Kasper had to fix his fur, it had become quite messy after sleeping a whole day. And we did go outside to smell all the different things.

Kasper had to realize that the holidays were over, and had to go inside and lay on the computer in known warehouse assistant style.

Also send some really secret message and search on everything on the internett, and take flight mode on and turn the screen on the computer, so mom have to turn it around to read what's standing, and find out how to turn it back, i would believe she have learned that by now...

The warehouse assent was back to work in his normal style, everything is like befor. Everything everybody had ordered while we were gone is sent to them, and new items is ordered, and we are almost back on track.

And i’m already hunting on mouses, still in vacation mode, but it didn't take long before I brought the first mouse home. That one i eat myself, Kasper wasn't having any, he was already done with today's tasks.

I kept going with the hunting outside until I was retrieved from the woods of mom, and think now i’m home, but only yesterday I was on vacation, a little strange to think about.

Just like everything was a dream, not only chasing some swedish wild mouse, but i had actually met big buddy again, and my best friend. That I’, going to have in my memory for a really loooooong time!