Holland part 3

Now finally Kasper have learned to stay longer in bed in the morning, still not sleeping, also not totally soundless. He had to be touching my leg with his tail. Just like he think i don't know he is awake. The best thing to do is just to overlook him, then he will go and make someone else awake.

When we are not sleeping are we pretty much doing the same things. Here is it always a lot of new stuff to sniff, so we don't need to travel to far something new. You should just know how many new smells it's here, at least 1000. Also it takes really long time to go throw everyone, also we can smell there are more cats in the area.

We also had to make a memory picture from our trip to the Netherlands, with wind turbine and orange flower. And i can tell you it wasn't a easy mission, because it was people and cars everywhere. Kasper wanted to go on the toilet, people was also coming on bikes and a dog. Kasper jumped into mom's lap, and made all the flower fly away. So to make all these picture is sometimes more difficult than you think. For sure som people was wondering what was going on, with mom lying in the grass throwing cookies and mouses into the air, i'm just happy no one know us here...

A cat paw and some roses.

Now to the Disney-park to meet Donald Duck and his whole family, neighbors and collages at least. Kasper was really looking forwards to meet them until he was going out of the car, was gone over the parking place and standing with some trees. He was safe from all the people and cars that was on some distance now, but he had no idea of what was on the other side of the trees and the hedge. I already heard all the noises and sniffed my way through the grass, but Kasper was much more insecure.

He was sitting safe behind me, and was studying all the ducks on this point. He thought it was quite exciting. That was the only one i saw, not anyone in the trees, only them on the small leak.

When we was sitting down on the grass all of the was coming towards us, so I started to count them 1 duck, 2 duck, 3 duck, 4 duck, 5, 6 ,7, 8-12, 13-18, 18-.... then i started to hear something behind my back. Kasper thought it was not fun to be attacked by the duck family. He thought it was far beyond the limit of what he thought was okay

And with his angriest look he possibly could give, he looked on mom and was wondering why he had to go so close to the cat eating floating monsters. To Kasper worst nightmare they only came closer and closer, he was now claimed on moms shoulders. Where he could look on with a safe distance.

When the quacking ducks found out it was little with bread, they all go back to their small leak. Kasper was coming down from moms shoulder against his own will, and he hide behind me again with pieces of pink sweater between his paws.

It was going really good until there was also a hole gang of them on land also, not only in the water, and they all came quacking around the tree. They all look very angry that we didn't have any food for them, and Kasper was in 0.1 seconds back on moms shoulders. We all agreed that to behind attack was a reasonably slick tactics. Properly common in the world of pips

We were maybe sitting with the leak in a small hour, and i tried to count the Duck family, but it was silly many ducks. Some of them came really close, and when i tried to take a feather they jumped quacking away. Kaper was surprisingly relaxed, but it was close to the end to a happy meeting with “Disney”. Its allowed to be afraid and think thing is scary, but it's also good to work on those things so later we can handle them by our self. I tried to show Kasper that the ducks aren't scary, but maybe he remember till next time, and is also possible he can learn from this and he is less scared in another setting because of we worked on this “problem’.

After many trips to the stable together and without me, he have been so confident he can sit between us, totally relax and look on everything happening around us. But he don't like that he plays in his fur, maybe he will like it one day. he have taken a big pew step into the right direction in a short period of time.

We also try Cat cookies from Holland, quite good, but you can also see why Kasper always have food on his nose after eating. He is eating cookies so quick that he almost also is eating the plastic bag too.

In the evening we only relax, like almost sleeping that type of relaxing. A lot of experiences, requires a lot of sleeping.

New day and new possibility, and we are going to a photoshoot to Happy house, like Yukon Dog Equipment, and later we are going to sell in our nett shop. we are not going to take every product from them, but what that Cats would like. If I was going to bring all the product with me home, our little ware house would have been way to full, but we could always take products that is a big demand on. Kasper would probably like to sleep in a mountain of cat beds.


Also they had every type of bed we could think of in all colors and shapes. After i tried a couple of bed i got tired, like really tired, because now i was supposed to be a stable cat with big buddy, not a model cat… So i told them Mjau, and went on my own discovery trip.

Also kasper got the chance to do some modelling, he thinks its more fun then me. The wild cat, with his nose full of food, if he can do it then there is chance for everyone..
I was mostly curious if there wasn't one mouse hole anywhere inside here… All the holes with soft fabrics and nice color, with the softest floor, and only cat holes.

This chair did we both like, so there is a really big chance its coming into our nett shop later one time.

But we didn't buy anything with us home, but we can for sure recommend many of this to other cats. We also read that many of you though we would go crazy there and buy everything…. Hallo, its furniture not mouses!

The tent was Kasper favourite, with good place for both of us. That one we could bring with us on trips in the woods and on the mountains. So that was the only thing we brought with us home. It was really exciting to see so many cat bed on the same time, i don't think i have ever seen something like that.

Taco evening have we not forgotten, but it was a lot of items in a new packing, what we never have seen befor.

Sniffed quick throw everything, and found out that everything was in place, while Kasper was a little impatient. First it's only picture of me, then Kapser can join me in the end… That how it s to be smallest.

In the evening Kaper got a surprise gift after his disappointment in the park with the ducks, so he got his own bird. He was not proud of the gift, because he thought it was to the limed to bullying of how afraid he was to ducks.

New day and new trip to the duck park, and i had totally misunderstood. I thought i was going to get some duck food, but we were going to give food to the ducks.

I have also heard that you're never can go on a car vacation without get a flat tire...

I was overlooking the tire fix, to make sure everything was going good, there was also a light breeze.


Were finally home now with a completely tier and a big carrot for big buddy. But for sure the longest trip i had to get a carrot!

We have to go on trips early or late on the day, because in the middle of the day it's to warm to do anything, then we only can sit in the shadow. Kasper have really thick fur and likes its best inside on day time. He only goes on trips in the morning or in the evening, what is also possible for him was to go in the stable on day time, because there is it never to warm. Always in the evening it is a bit more cold, and then it was puuurfeckt for me and big buddy to go outside together. On the field to big buddy its really a lot of rabbits, and no mouses but it's also fun to look on the rabbits.
I just made really good memories with big buddy, and also its not easy for me to know when i'm going to meet him next time.




vacation mjau from Jesperpus.