I'm still learning Kasper more about life in the Tigerforest

Enjoying the days outdoors, since the snow disappeared and there is a touch of heat from the sun. Best to hunt as much as possible before it gets a lot of snow, and winter has already given a hint of what's coming soon, lots of snow, cold and cold paws. Kasper has become a real skilled hunter and catches mice on our secret place, as I have shown him. A small secret space with lots of mice. So he learned that patience is needed and we need to wait for hours sometimes.

Kasper has passed a year and is a bit big in his mouth sometimes. So we have had some discussions about what is law and not law. But he only runs to mom and gossip every time. But now I think he has realized that is the rules here with me. 

  • Not always I can play with him, sometimes he has to learn to take responsibility for keeping the area free of mice and not just swirling around.
  • Do not walk in my heels the all day long.
  • My mice and you're mice have a invisible fences that thay has to stay in, separately.
  • Do not get too big in the mouth, you are and are going to be a small boy.
  • and i'm the boss

Mom has been with us both inside and out and helped a little bit with the teaching of him, after all, she was bring him home with her one day. So after all it's not only my responsibility to do everything, although I'm a language expert for cats. She can do the exercise of him, and takes on other important things that he has to learn, and places he need to go to, if i not have time to help.

Once every day, I bring him with me to catch mouses, and shows him some smart tricks, but he is not allowed to walk to far away from home.

And I am going to take care of the mouse's from the neighbors and the places farthest away.. Sometimes he has tried to follow me, but then I chased him back home. Just that we have argued a lot about lately, and had some hairy discussions on the field. Think he has now understood not to follow me. For now he stops with the invisible fence I have set for him, in the middle of the field. "here! But no longer" it stands on a sign, completely invisible to mom, but not for Kasper and me.

But I've had him with me on a trip, I'm was telling him what paths he need to go on and where it's smart to hide from the mice, and not at least what all the smells are coming from. And shows him my secret places and resting places.

Sometimes, I let Kasper watch out for the mouse's, then a can sit on a small tree or on a big rock.

We are not always able to catch anything, he still have a little too bad for patience. Then he gives up and comes to me so we can continue our round. There is always one or more new mouse holes to check.

Such a round Kasper can last from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on what we experience along the way. If it we caught anything on the way, we obviously run home to mom with it. But sometimes it gets cold, sometimes it's raining then we just turn. There is something called no shame to turn around, I've heard. But Kasper is so happy to be involved, forgetting that there will be wet curls in our fur pants. I run at least home, and he will come after a while. Probably he will learn soon that it is smarter to run home before the rain comes. It's also something that needs to be learned.

But as a youth cat, Kasper is eager to learn a lot about the nightlife. So I do my best to learn as much as possible and that he always find the way home. I think the longest he has been away from the house is about 100 meters. It is not hard to keep an eye on him, because his tail that have a little white in it stand always straight into the air.