Reunite with big buddy

The hole reason I’m travel to the Netherlands was so we were going to meet my big buddy again. He moved from Norway two years ago, and it’s the same amount of time since we have been sniffing on each other.

In 2014 and 2015 I was one and two years old, then I was with my big buddy every day, then we played sometimes together, and I was always sitting in his food box. Normally i also had i carrot with me in my own backpack, and thats his favorit cookie. My big buddy is really a athlete, 500 kg with speed and jumping. Then you have me, 5 kg and my soft fur. One thing is for sure, even when I’m much smaller he is always so careful and kind. Here are some pictures from when he lived in Norway, and I visit him every day.



A sunny day in June 2015 my big buddy was leaving, but little did I know it was two long years till I was going to see him again. 

In my book it’s also standing some about my best friend, and about how good friend we was, or I mean are. It only really long time between we meet each other. Everything is not like before, but I’m always happy when he visits. And after some days we have been having a lot of fun, he is just gone, and then I’m getting a little bit sad. Cat can also get privations, we only show it more on the inside. Then mouse hunting isent even fun. Sometimes after he left I can sleep in his bed for one and two days, and I don’t really want to eat. Mom tries to get me in a better mood, because then she will come and give me cookies and cuddle with while I’m sleeping in the bed.
and after sometime it will slowly disappear. But now we also have Kasper in the house and then I never can have peace.

But any way if its days or months till next time I see him, I always recognize him. We cat have actually really good memory, and we always can remember really good memory’s, but that means we also do remember really bad memory also really easy. But big buddy and best friend is for sure good memory’s.

Now I’m going to meet big buddy, after 2 years and 1 month. Wil he remember me after so long time?
Is he going tom be like before? Is he going to play in my fur? And are I allowed to sit in his food box? Or maybe is he even bigger then I can remember so I get scared…

Finally, in one moment I was standing in front of my big buddy again, that look so far away, but now it’s here. And it’s just like seconds and minutes is standing still, but the truth it that true friendship never go away, no matter how long time since we met each other last time. Everything is like before, friendship doesn’t matter on type of animal or size, friendship is one of the most important things we have.

After a lot of playing in my fur, believed big buddy maybe it not either. That his small orange buddy was sitting in his food box again.

smart and hard thinking eyes.