Tacoshow, and a little more


In fact, we should be north to relax a little, on the back, with the legs in the weather. But then a nice lady called from NRK wondering if I could come to the Tacoshow on my own tacoday of all weekdays, Friday! I'm a real tacoking, clearly I should come. Right in the car and 16 hours drive down to Trøndelag and new experiences.

At about 03:00 at night, the cat car parked in the hotel garage and we were received by the gentliest hotel ladies we have ever met, at least in the middle of the night. They had remembered to write our names on our hotel key, so the Scandic hotel Solsiden got "8-Quality points from jesper"Just lacked a broom and dust board in the room, if it had that it would have been amazing and 10 starts!

The first thing I always do is check the view in the window post, nothing to complain about here, lots of things to look on outside. Kasper takes care of the checker-out under the bed, no rabbits in his mustache when he came crawling out on the other side, so here was not a mess. Mom fell into bed, and probably was very sleepy, it took a maximum of 2 seconds before she was gone. While Kasper, who had slept half Norway, was really not sleepy. Here it was 100 meters bedrun, orientation course in the dark, god knowing everything he was doing. I quickly found out that every lying area on the floor, belonged to the sports star Kasper. So I lay safe in my own shelf high on the wall and relaxed, ready to experiences the following day. Think Kasper will go to a bang tomorrow, if he did not intend to pass one or more finish lines soon and take a rest for a few hours.

After a while Kasper became a bit too troublesome for me so I jumped up to the nearest closet. Kasper did not manage to bother me there, in any way. The only problem was that there was neither food or toilet, so I could not stay here until it became bright. Or too mom was waking up. And I could not jump so far down in the dark. So then it was just going to start to scream so mom was awake and help me safely down.

When mom woke up again the next day, I went with my skiing friend and mom on a trip to explore Trondheim.

Mom and my friend took something to eat while I watched over my food before going to Malvik and the cathouse hotel and television recording. The family was actually abducted while the house was invaded by a lot of people, equipment and kilometers of wires, which are similar to large mouse tails.

Lots of nice people welcome me and I got to check out both people and the house, feets, equipment and wires. It was like a jungle in here. and someone was also standing in the way when I check out all the hooks in the house. Much more exciting than all other things that took place. Eventually there were lots of sound and light tests. And I finally got to sit on the couch I had looked out once I came here. Absolutely superb space to clean the fur coat after all the trips today, so I was done with my "makeup" before the recording. Mom, on the other hand, had a whole kind of restoration inside the makeup room. But today, after all, she did not have two different wool socks, which had happened before on TV.

Kasper escaped all the recording, it was a little too busy for him. So the skiing buddy watched after him. Think Kasper was very pleased with that.

After I had looked at everything that was happening and sniffing all that was necessary to sniff, I walked over and through boxes and boxes that were stacked around. And there were many, absolutely everything was stacked boxes and boxes. Almost like mom would have had the responsibility here, almost impossible to walk. Could simply be that a good place to relax somewhere, or that a lost cookie appeared, but all the boxes I looked were full of wires, In all thicknesses. and lengths.

Mom stacked some boxes on top of each other so that I could sit next to the skiing buddy and keep track of all that went on my couch, because it was in that one I had when it was going to be a proper recording. Here I got a good overview of the other visitors that came, and there was only one other with coat, Balto, who was going to sing with the pianist.

Should have had a trailer like that for my Fridays.

When all of the mouse tails were rolled out, the sound and light were tested, the family returned and all the guests had to go up in the attic and be completely quiet! Imagine it. And no one of the two legged person was able to as quiet as my, because i'm a really good mouse hunter, knows how to be quiet. I had to sneak around the corner to check what the other guests were doing, and why they wasn't quite. told them to be quite but it was hopeless.

TV recording is always a lot of waiting time, lots of lots of time waiting and I have plenty of time to relax on the couch. It was important to bring the charm to the top, before it was my turn to enter the couch, and as everyone has seen the program, it went brilliantly. Mom was forced to carry me on a royal pillow, only the red run way was missing. Be so pleased I could give hand multiple times. By the way, it's the first time I've been bothered to do it on TV.

After recording, there were several small recordings for advertising, and pictures here and there. Kasper started to get a bit tired and hungry after a long day and a lot of waiting time. But he had been a patient kitten through the evening.

Back to Scandic hotel Solsiden, and into the lift. Kasper had finally understood that it was his own reflection in the mirror, and stopped to growl every time he saw himself. Finally we got a real meal and Kasper was also going straight into bed. He was completely extinguished after a long day and evening with a lot of new impressions, and we were cheering over that the hotel room this night was NOT going to be a sporting event through the night. Kasper fell asleep first of all. As I caught my guard in the window post and studied all who was outside, before I found my bed in the chair.

The next morning there was a last double watch in the window post before breakfast was taken with skiing buddy and we were going home to our Tigerskogen.

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