Travel day one

The day was finally here, the big travel to my best friend abroad, where also my big buddy is living, in the Netherlands. And my big buddy is a really, really big horse, much bigger than the small horses I have at home, he is so big that his nose looks like two mouse holes. When I was much smaller I was with him every day, so now I have not met him in 2 years, but my best friend I have met a couple times when he have been visiting at home. It’s going to be exciting to see if we remember each other after so many years apart.

we organized everything really early so we could leave on time, so I only needed to find the good direction with my nose, and then we could go. Beep, mjau and drive. 

but that was only until kasper found out that his toilet was missing sand, and also mom have forgotten his favorite perfume that he always need on his toilet. Therefore mom have to stop on the closest shop to buy Kaspers biggest needs. 

for Kasper biggest Disappointment the shop was sold out... so Kasper had you use the toilet without perfume this time. Therefore we had a big discussion if he was able to go on toilet in the wrong sand, something him self didnt think was possible. We actually have our own travel toilet, its puuurfect. It’s a big paper box, with a toilet inside, with our own cat-door. Also because Kasper didn’t have his favorite perfume, mom did buy him a other thing that also smelled nice and only hanged it on the outside of the door. I checked if everything was good myself, and I give the special Jesper approval.

I also wanted some fresh air, so we made a much needed pit stop.

Back to the car, mom had Organized some fresh prawns that everyone liked very much. Also there was a lot of sun the whole time, but luckily mom did bring a cooling bag to have our drinks in, because when it’s cold we like it much more and also we drink more, so it’s a little bit genius with a cooling bag.

Kasper had to check if mom put enough sand on our toilet.

So was we all ready to go to abroad, we only had go to custom first.

while mom was inside by the customs with our pass board, was there a man who told us to have a very nice vacation and happy muse hunting, and good we had all the paper in order. The only thing he told us was that we were not allowed to bring back any hunting trophies. Now we go straight into EU.

Sweden watch out here comes Jesper and Kasper.

Far, far into the Swedish woods, both we and the car hungry again. So it was time to stretch us, and give everyone lunch.

Prawns in the front of the car, and cat food in the back, and I go both to the back and the front, depending what I want to eat.

I was going on a walk outside, while Kasper thought it was too noisy outside, so he was waiting in the car.

Mom shard all her food with the birds, and the birds was really big and was suitable for road food. They also made a lot of noise, and ate all the food more quick than Kasper normally do… some of them was even fighting over the food, little bit similar to me and Kasper when he takes to much of my food… 

mom and Kasper was now studied the bird, something he thought was really interesting. After only a couple of minutes he had forgotten all the noise all the cars was making, and only cared of the birds.

While they was looking on the birds, I had to go and use the travel toilet. so mom was probably wondering where I was because in one time she was looking through the door, so rude! Should have knock first!! 

Kasper sleep the hole way through Sweden, only awake to eat. Also he slept the hole way through Denmark. We had to wake him up to have him with us on a walk in a park, that was full of holes from big mouse’s and other animals. In one time he was really awake, and ready to go hunting together with me. Grass lawns like that should we have at home too.

Also through hole Germany Kasper was sleeping, he could probably sleep the hole way if we were driving to the moon and back. He didn’t see anything from the trip other than when I made him awake. In Hamburg we had a long break, with a walk, some food and cuddles, before we go on to the Netherlands, where we was going to meet my best friend. The trip was in many countries and a lot of kilometer, but for Kasper it was just one long sleep. 

we arrived early in the morning, and the first thing we did was going to the forest to stretch or feet’s, and go on some hunting. Something I really needed! Kasper in a other way was not so tired, because he had been sleeping the whole way, in all the different positions what’s possible.

But here is there no animals like at home, different small insects, some really big bird’s by the neighbor and they don’t have cows here, but buffalo! But by my big buddy its birds just like I have at home so that’s really nice.

Think is two years since I met my big buddy last. He was always playing and smelling in my fur, and I was holding him with company. If he remember me, and if I dear to meet him again, that I’m going to blog about later.



Some video from the trip.