Her kan du legge til katten din som en venn for å Jesperpus



Fra / From: Australia

Hello my name is Harriette, I have never seen snow as I live in Far North Queensland. I enjoy hunting also..and lying around our beauitful garden i'm 8 years old....



Fra / From: Australia

Charlie, loves sleeping in the garden beds, especially in the summer. He also has two naughty 1yr old sisters Luna & Batty



Fra / From: Australia

I was born on 3rd October 2014, the day before my parents wedding. My mum has always loved cats and she dotes on me and i get treated like a princess. I am a beautiful ginger cat with a lovely fluffy tail that I love waiving around.



Fra / From: Australia

Smock is a Norwegian Forest cat living in Australia. Used to love hunting Rabbits at our old home, but now is an indoor kitty who now watches me as I work.

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Fra / From: Australia

ANA is a chocolate seal point rag doll and is 15 months old



Fra / From: Australia

Wilson is a 13 year old Tasmanian forest katt Enjoys his days chasing birds / lizards and sun bathing :)

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Fra / From: Australia

Fergus is a big grumpy cat, who likes his food. He prefers to spend his days sleeping rather than exploring.

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Fra / From: Australia

Gilbert loveds going for a walk on his lead. He has two brothers Norman and Gilbert. He is part Siamese/rag doll. Anywhere I am u wil find Gilbert

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Fra / From: Australia

Wilbur is a small tuxedo cat. He is frightened of everyone new. He is funny and loving and playful when there are no visitors in our house. He has two brothers named Norman and Gilbert. He likes to help when I clean his cage and hang out the washing.



Fra / From: Australia

He's a 14 year old fluffly ginger and white fellow who I brought out with me to live here 12 years ago! He's sweet, funny, neurotic and quirky, I love him with all my heart - and I think it's mutual!

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Emily and Sophia

Fra / From: Australia

Emily is 4 and Sophia is 3. Emily was rescued from a shelter when she was a few months old and Sophia was found all alone when she was a few weeks old. They love playing with their human sister and think they are human too. Their job is to supervise their mum when she does housework.

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Fra / From: Australia

Norman is a big ginger Tom, like Jesper, but not so adventurous. He loves treats and does not like the vacuum. He has two brothers Gilbert ( rag doll/Siamese)and Wilbur (tuxedo)