Her kan du legge til katten din som en venn for å Jesperpus



Fra / From: Canada

I am a 5 1/2 year old big grey and white who found my forever home in January 2014. Before that my life was complicated which probably explains why my favourite thing to do is to laze around and get lots and lots of love. My human companion says I am the laziest cat she has ever encountered! Life is good.

Lunch helpers

Rex & Bella

Fra / From: Canada

We are brother and sister and our humans adopted us when we were just baby kittens. We love to help around the kitchen, especially when our mom makes tuna sandwiches. We also love to curl up and watch baseball with our dad - go Blue Jays! Someday we would like to be outdoor adventure cats like Jesperpus.


Ozzy and Harry

Fra / From: Canada

Ozzy and Harry (short for Harriet) are one-and-a-half year old Maine Coon siblings. They love going for walks, chasing leaves and fetching! They are quite chatty, especially when demanding treats!



Fra / From: Canada

Hello, I am Tristan! I am an adopted cat living with my mom, dad and another brother-cat in Canada. I am a clown and love to make people laugh! I love to have fun by running around, playing with my brother, doing flips and playing with my many toys. My favourite thing is when it is sunny and lots of sun comes in the windows - I go crazy! When I get too tired from playing, I love to cuddle and will do anything to get some love!



Fra / From: Canada

Hello comrade Jesperpus, I am Gershwin. I live in Canada with my annoying little brother-cat and my parents. I come from the mean streets of the big city of Toronto, and I have the attitude of a tomcat who has seen some things in his life. I have lived with my parents in a nice house with lots of love for 13 years but I still have my street-wise attitude ;) I don't take guff from anyone and will keep everyone in line as needed.

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Fra / From: Canada

Trotwood is a happy, lovely little kitty who likes to follow her owners from room to room. Always looking for action, or a random bag to nose dive into. She loves to be held like a baby.


Phil and Izzy

Fra / From: Canada

Phil and Izzy are ragdoll siblings who specialize in eating treats, sleeping, lounging, and being petted.

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Fra / From: Canada

Jasper lives in Calgary, Alberta with his Mom and her son. He is 13 years old and quite content to follow Mom around the house and sleep on her lap. He has his own mind and doesn't always follow commands...lol!



Fra / From: Canada

My name is Mouse. I am a tiny cat with a big personality. I like to sleep on my Mums face at night. I am very bossy and tell everyone what to do

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Fra / From: Canada

Lizzie has always enjoyed the camera. Here she is taking a selfie and is holding the camera herself. She's a 'special' kitty.

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Virus and Boussole

Fra / From: Canada

Virus is a big cat. He loves people and other cats. he is a very gentle big cat. He was found with his sister Boussole alone in our house while it was built. We could not find their mother. He was totally dehydrated but the vet saved both of them. Since then he found out how to open doors and remove people glasses when he wants to be pet. Boussole sings pretty well and has a very soft fur.They are hoping to learn how to cross country as well

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Fra / From: Canada

Hi I'm Mango and I enjoy mousing. I think I'm good at it. Here I am trying to sniff them out by the wood pile. My humans will be so proud of me!



Fra / From: Canada

Reba is the 4th cat I have adopted from the Humane Society. She is the most intelligent cat I have owned and understands many words. I only wish I had taught her to pull me on skis.

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Amber, Isis, Louise, Soleil

Fra / From: Canada

My cats are all rescues from different places. They all have very different personalities and quirks. Amber looks a lot like Jesperpus



Fra / From: Canada

I am 4 years old. My last owner brought me to the vet to be put down because I was to friendly, I needed a lot of love from my owner but for him it was not normal for a cat to be "like a dog" and not to be independant.. My new owner saved my life and I have the best life I could'nt dream of!



Fra / From: Canada

Wiz is a very petition girl who loves wet food and bedtime cuddles. She is a shelter rescue after being someone's unwanted Christmas gift a year ago. She's my little chatty, purry treat loving angel.



Fra / From: Canada

Cheese is my fluffy handsome little man, who loves any killed of cuddle and food! He greets you at the door when you come in to! He was a shelter rescue feral kitten who didn't know how to be a proper cat, his mama left him and his brothers. He's a special boy with a big heart to match his fluff!



Fra / From: Canada

Cheddar is a rescue cat and was found in a barn nearly 2 years ago. We have raised him from a very small kitten to a mischevious cat that the whole family loves. Cheddar does have a brother named Tigger that he snuggles and plays with.


Olivia, Chloé and Lucky

Fra / From: Canada

Olivia is very independant, Chloé is very playful and Lucky is easygoing.



Fra / From: Canada

Korra was just adopted from a shelter and is still getting used to her new home. She is very affectionate and loves to play with her lazer pointer.