Her kan du legge til katten din som en venn for å Jesperpus



Fra / From: Finland

Cat in my heart. Comes from russia. Very petite slim lady trustfull inside cat. Eating mouses we get from house occasionally. Likes go to sauna



Fra / From: Finland

Purrmau! I'm 10 yo ordinary house cat Leevi from Imatra, Finland. I'm very playful fella. I like food and sleeping. I hate to go outside in harness, it's too scary, too many cars and other things.


Nelli, Alpo, Muru, Kaapo, Otto + Artturi-Sakari

Fra / From: Finland

Hi!! i have 6 beautiful baby's =) Nelli is 15, Alpo 13, Muru 9, kaapo and Otto are soon 6 years old and Artturi-sakari is soon 2 years!! 24.6 is his birthday =) I love them so mutch <3 <3 <3 The gray cat the bottom left is Mosse but he is gone to the rainbow bridge 8 years a go. I miss him so mutch!!! <3 <3 <3


Findus & Fixu

Fra / From: Finland

Findus is a tree-year-old ginger/white tabby, who loves birdwatchng and chasing "the red dot". His best friend is Fixu, 1½ yrs, a calico/white lady, who loves butterflies, teasing Findus and sleeping at mama's lap!

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Fra / From: Finland

Appr. 4 years old ex-street cat from Eastern Finland. Got a new, permanent home 2 years old.

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Fra / From: Finland

We are proud to be friends of Jesperpus. I live in Finland(N) with my feline family, and have a catio so I can explore outside and guard my kingdom. And catch birds and squirrels!

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Nipsu & Iia

Fra / From: Finland

Maine Coon



Fra / From: Finland

Hello, my name is Zico. Fluffy greetings from Finland! I am 1,5 years old and I love all feathery things - wands and rods, you name it. I also like bed mice, you know, those delicious creatures that crawl under your blanket at night. Too bad the people here do not appreciate it when I try to catch them. Well, basically, for me all is good that you can chase, slap, or drop down from a table.



Fra / From: Finland

Hi. My name is Sulo and I am 11 years old boy, almost 12 years old. I like to eat fish, ham and cheese.