Her kan du legge til katten din som en venn for å Jesperpus


Sissi & Franz

Fra / From: Germany

Sissi und Franz haben wir vor über sechs Jahren aus dem Tierheim geholt. Eigentlich dachten wir, dass wir einen Kater und eine Kätzin bekommen haben ... aber bei unserem ersten Tierarztbesuch haben stellte sich raus, dass beide Kater sind.



Fra / From: Germany

Gizzy´s a Norwegian Forest Cat/European Shorthair mix who´s been born on May, the 10th of 2004, I adopted him from private on Oct., the 25th of 2010 because his former owners had too little time, but it turned out he´s been abused there, so it took a lot of love, patience and time to win his trust...



Fra / From: Germany

Thori´s a shorthaired Maine Coon/European Shorthair mix who´s been born on July, the 30th of 2007, I adopted him from private on May, the 27th of 2013 because his former owners had no time for him anymore, and my 1st tomcat Gizzy adotped him as his "lil brofur" immediately!!!

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Fra / From: Germany

Sisi´s (named after the former Austrian Emperor), a dwarf European Shorthair kitty who´s been born on April, the 5th of 2002, my mum adopted her (and her tortie sisfur Lucky, R. I. P.) from our local shelter in 2006, but had to move to an old people´s home in summer of 2014 much sooner than expected, so I adopted lil old Sisi at the age of 12 on July, the 4th of 2014 to Gizzy & Thori, and they adopted her as their "lil sisfur" immediately!!! Happy patchwork furamily now...

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Henry av Cattegatt

Fra / From: Germany

My Name is Henry and I am a 11 month old nowegian cat.

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Fra / From: Germany

Shiva is a Norwegian/Persian mixed Kitty who lives on a small Island in the North Sea. She is about 10 years old but behaves still like a little Kitty who wants to play The whole day and loves to snuggle a lot :)

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Sam (Samweis Gamdschie)

Fra / From: Germany

Sam is a sic-year old boy from the animal shelter and has the most beautiful eyes in the cat universe. And he is probably the most hungry cat also!

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Frodo (Frodo Beutlin)

Fra / From: Germany

Frodo, brother til Sam, is a very shy guy, only half the size of his sibling. Probably because he is always late for his dinner! He can purrrrrrrr extremely loud and loves sitting on high places.


Don Camillo

Fra / From: Germany

My two boys are Main Coons, 4 years old and live in Hamburg. Einstein sees Jesper very similar, but is a homebody. Camillo is like Jesper, love being outdoors on a leash and go for walks.



Fra / From: Germany

Chamo looks almost like Jesperpus and has a three-coloured sister also living with us.

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Fra / From: Germany

9 Years old Siberian Cat (born 08.03.2007) Today is my birthday☺️



Fra / From: Germany

This is Oscar, my two year old Norwegian Forest Cat!