Her kan du legge til katten din som en venn for å Jesperpus



Fra / From: Netherlands

Hi Jasper and Kasper. Today i'm moving to my new home.... Going to live with Onyx, Chica and Barry who are already friends of you for quite some time... Can i be too?

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Fra / From: Netherlands

Barry, full name Sheercats Golden Earring is a very big Maine Coon. He ways 12 kilos and is not fat, just HUGE... Barry lives with his slave and his friends Onyx and Chica in the Netherlands... He is naughty, sometimes wild, loves hunting and playing, eating tuna, salmon and chicken and can look as if he's very angry.... But he is a sweetheart

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Fra / From: Netherlands

Onyx is a long haired house cat... Friend of Barry and Chica, such a sweet and calm guy who loves to run and wash the slaves hair....

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Ivar and Frodi

Fra / From: Netherlands

this are my Norwegian cats Ivar (the red one) and Frodi... big friends who can't miss each other for more then one or two hours.. they love hanging out in the garden and Ivar often sits with me to watch television... (sports and tv-ads are his favourite.. ) and as most cats do, they love to eat cat-sweets



Fra / From: Netherlands

Hei jeg heter bertine og er fra Norge. Jeg er en brunmaska hellig birma. Snart 2 år jeg er veldig leken. Elskerr at eiger tar meg p trilletur .



Fra / From: Netherlands

Hei jeg heter jamila og er fra Norge. Jeg er en brunskilpaddetabby. 14 år og sover mye. Hvis ikke eigen tar meg p trilletur



Fra / From: Netherlands

Hei :) Jeg er Abel og jeg bor i Nederland. Jeg sove gjerne og jeg er en søt katt.

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Fra / From: Netherlands

My name is Bommel and I am a one year old ragdoll. I live with two furriends in Vleuten, the Netherlands. My hobbies are eating and chasing imaginary mice.



Fra / From: Netherlands

Smoes is a lazy Maine Coon. Her best friends is our dog Molly. Together they have lots of fun.



Fra / From: Netherlands

Finn was taken away from her mom too early and has no cat skills. She's feisty and flirty, and rules the house.



Fra / From: Netherlands

Sli was a feral kitten we found in the garden in Iowa City, USA. She's grown into a gentle giant and melts everyone's heart.

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Fra / From: Netherlands

Hi, my name is LeiIa. I'm named after a caracter of Star Wars. I am a female Norwegian Forestcat an live in the Netherlands together with an other NFC, named Seven.

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Fra / From: Netherlands

Hi, my name is Seven. I'm named after a carater from Star Trek. I'm a Norwegian Forestcat and I live in the Netherlands together witch an other NFC, Leia.



Fra / From: Netherlands

Jos is a girlcat with a boys name. She likes sleeping, playing with her catnip mouse, eating and farting. She is scared of some coats and the scent of corn.

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Fra / From: Netherlands

Karel is the funiest cat in the world, he likes to lay in the sun and sleeps in the most weired positions. He's a fan of you Jesper!

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Fra / From: Netherlands

Jamie thinks he's an adventurous outdoor cat like Jesper. He often wants to go out into the garden, But he runs back inside whenever he encounters rain/cold/other animals. He's a cuddly little creature who loves to eat and who follows me around all day long.


Blitz and Alys

Fra / From: Netherlands

Blitz is a big boy, not afraid of any other cat. He can win every fight by sitting on his enemy. He just loves to eat and sleep and not doing anything at all. He says he is not heavy he just had a lot of fur. A hole lot of fur!! Alys is a friendly little girl. She likes to go outside and often tries to catch a bird or a mouse. She also likes to eat spawn out of our small gardenpond. She never hurts the fish in the gardenpond.

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Pippin and Pluk

Fra / From: Netherlands

Pluk is half norwegionwoodcat(?). He is black and white and doesn't love wind. Cold en hot weather doesn't matter. Pluk is almost three years old. Pippin is 10 months old and loves water. He gets in the shower in the sink. He is half persian and has a very soft black coat with tiny white feet. Both are very friendly cats who love there own people.



Fra / From: Netherlands

Lookie is the sweetest cat in the world! He loves playing in the garden and chilling all day long in the sun. He lookts a little bit like Jesperpus, but more white his tail is a bit short. Thats why he can't jump that high.

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Russell and Scarlett

Fra / From: Netherlands

Russell and Scarlett are a nearly 9-year-old brother and sister pair (Russell is a black/brown/white tabby, and Scarlett is a calico). They are full of love and hijinks! ;) and they both love meals, just like Jesper!