Her kan du legge til katten din som en venn for å Jesperpus



Fra / From: New Zealand

This is Strauss von Skattebol of RebelPaws, normally known just simply as Skaty or Skat. Skaty is a polydactyl Maine Coon cat who just turned 9 weeks today. He aspires to be like Jesper one day. Is he not such a honey?

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Fra / From: New Zealand

My name is China, descended from royalty but I don't want to brag about that. I have my own dynasty my subjects call China Town. I hold audiences & oversee the well being of my subjects from my throne.

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Fra / From: New Zealand

Veteran show cat, t.v actor, therapy cat from N.Z. I love learning new tricks & going hiking with my doggies.

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Fra / From: New Zealand

Bernard is a big fluffy black and white Maine Coon with the best whiskers in the world. He can't see very well. He can climb up trees but not down. He loves his people.