Her kan du legge til katten din som en venn for å Jesperpus



Fra / From: United Kingdom

My name is Babou, and I'm a Bengal girl of 6 months old! I live with my mum, dad, and big brother Duke, who is a Staffordshire Bullterrier. My mum and dad took me in when I was a baby, because the lady who had me before said she couldn't sell me. I have a murmur on my heart and a flat chest, you see. But I'm a crazy little cat regardless, and don't let my handicap hold me back. I love chasing mum's yarn, chewing on Duke's ears, and napping. <3

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

Jeg er blanding av gate katt og rase katt - vet ikke hvilken rase! Jeg ble adoptert av min familie da jeg var 6 mnd - og fra den dagen ble livet for dem så mye rikere! Matmor er norsk og elsker Jesperpus! Jeg er som katter flest - fortjener alt av livets goder!



Fra / From: United Kingdom

Pushkin is a loving and intelligent cat. He is definitely a "one man cat" and shows no interest in snuggling with anyone but me. He comes running to the door when he hears me.


Boo & Løve

Fra / From: United Kingdom

These are my Norwegian Forest beauties. Mother & Son, full of character and love. Sadly we lost Løve last year to kidney disease but Boo & I follow Jesperpus religiously and his adventures make us very happy.



Fra / From: United Kingdom

His favourite things are to eat and to sleep. Although he might look grumpy he actually loves everyone and has the loudest purr in the world!

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

Half Siamese, 17 years old and very talkative. Lily is extremely affectionate, has never ever scratched, and loves to be near her mum. She also likes to stand on my shoulders :)

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

Hei Jesper! Nimrod her, kar-pus fra Storbritannia. Snakker norsk da. 1 1/2 år og blind på ett øye, men lar ikke det stoppe meg i å holde orden på slaver og pels-søstre. Jesper, du er bare helt rå!!

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

I'm nearly 5 years old and my hobbies include sleeping, eating and chasing things. My favourite food is Dreamies treats. I can be very cute and loving but I can also be very grumpy. My vet has put me on a diet because I like Dreamies too much. I don't like my vet :(

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

Hei Jesperpus! Jeg heter Sootie og er 14 år. Jeg var en musejeger av rang, og kjent for å invitere musevenner 'home for dinner'. Nå for tiden foretrekker jeg en god lur, titte på pips fra vinduskarmen og treats fra slavene.

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

Hei Jesperpus! Jeg heter Blackberry og er ei pusefrøken fra Storbritannia. Jeg elsker å sjekke ut alt som du, Jesperpus, er med på, siden jeg er blind på ett øye er jeg nok ikke så modig som du.

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

This is Marmalade (or Marmo, or kitster, fluffs, kittsie and a few others) actually she is rarely called her full name... She made her way to us after being found stray by a friend on a busy road on a cold night, after no one claimed her we got to take her home - hooray! That was seven years ago, she doesn't go skiing or swimming (as far as we know!) but she does go off on kitty adventures and sometimes plays chase with her other kitty friends.



Fra / From: United Kingdom

Hi Jesperpus, I live on the side of a hill in England, I moved home to escape being bullied by other cats. I love voles and bring them as presents to my humans almost every day. I love outside, and found that snow meant I could climb up to the bird feeders recently and try their fat balls. So far I haven't managed a bird though! My human is very jealous of all your exploits and wishes I would let her put a harness on me and run in the snow

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

My cat Tammy is a indoor cat loves being stroked and is always sleeping I have had him since he was 6weeks old now he is 15 years old x



Fra / From: United Kingdom

This is Magnus and Myself Selfie time😹



Fra / From: United Kingdom

Gemma was a rescue cat from Cats Protection here in UK. She is very timid with strangers but is vocal with the family, especially at food time. We live on the edge of Norwich and she loves exploring in the garden, but not as much as sleeping.

midge 015

Benji, Giz, Henry, Midge and Captain

Fra / From: United Kingdom

I have 5 cats and love them all a lot!. They are my friends, not pets but equals in my house. We play every day and they make me laugh nearly every hour. Each has their own character and they are all special to me. Giz is all Black. Midge is black and white. Benji is multi coloured. Henry is mostly white and Captain is ginger. 3 are cats that I have homed when they have been abandoned in the area I live.



Fra / From: United Kingdom

My cat is a short hair tabby. We adopted her from a rescue centre just over a year ago. She's quite a grumpy girl but funny and sweet too, she completes our family and we love her so much :-)



Fra / From: United Kingdom

Casper is about 19 years old. We rescued him last year and he was very ill but he pulled through. He still has some ill health but he loves his food! Fresh cod is his favourite. He is such a sweet cat and he lives happily with our other 3 cats and 2 dogs. We love him to pieces He loves patrolling his garden! xxxx


Ziggy Starcat

Fra / From: United Kingdom

He's a ginger rescue cat who just loves to sit on a lap. =^^=

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Fra / From: United Kingdom

Hi Jesperpus, I am Aca and I am a Norwegian Forest Cat too and I love to see what you are getting up to. Last week I had a bath - I love the water but I am not so keen on the bubbles! I am 3.5 years old and I love beng outside. I Love people and wait for the postman every morning as he always gives me a cuddle! I am also an amazing mole catcher - I often surprise my Mum 😀